Assessment & Taxes

Assessment Notices are mailed in mid-May of each year to properties that have had changes in assessment.

Exemptions are provided for primary farm residences to an amount equivalent to the agriculture land base leased or owned, as long as the residence is occupied by the principal owner. If you have a second dwelling that is occupied, an exemption can be provided if the occupant owns or leases land in the RM or adjacent RM's. A letter must be sent to the RM of LeRoy office providing detailed land leased by the occupants of the dwellings for the exemption to occur. If you have any questions, please contact the RM office.

SAMA View is a web site application that empowers the Agency to efficiently communicate to the public property assessment information. To access SAMA View, please visit the SAMA web site at and click on the SAMA View logo on the homepage. SAMA View provides access to individual property assessment information, as well as property assessment information within any SAMA client jurisdiction in both a pdf and map format.


Property taxes are due on or before December 31. Arrears remaining unpaid after this date will be charged a 1% penalty per month. When remitting your taxes, please ensure you are paying the discounted amount (if applicable) and quote your customer number/numbers on your cheque. This number can be found on the top right hand corner of the tax notice following your name.